Mobile Anesthesia

Office-Based Program Overview

Quantum Anesthesia provides comprehensive, safe and reliable mobile anesthesia service at no cost to physician’s practice while facilitating the ability to increase practice revenue and significantly enhance patient satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing highly individualized anesthesia coverage centered around each practice’s needs and scheduling preferences.

Mobile Anesthesia Services

Our gynecology practice could not be more satisfied with Quantum Anesthesia. Providers are skilled, accommodating and take great care of our patients. As a result of their high efficiency and skill level, we feel confident performing multiple types of procedures in our office. Our patients routinely comment on how comfortable their experience was. We highly recommend Quantum to any practice seeking high quality and dependable anesthesia services.

Dr. Gregory Chen, Dr. Michele Hakimian, Dr. Kate Nash
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The Quantum Advantage

  • Turnkey Mobile Service. We provide all necessary equipment, medications supplies, documentation and billing. Our mobile anesthesia workstation can convert any room in your office into an operating suite within 15 minutes of our arrival.
  • No Cost To Physician’s Practice. There are no start-up expenses in costly anesthesia equipment. We handle all equipment-related expenses, including all emergency equipment, medication and supplies that need to be onsite. We do not ask for stipend or subsidy for our services.
  • Hospital-Quality Anesthesia. Anesthesia care is delivered by the same standards as in hospital operating rooms. We use the same medications, supplies, monitoring and emergency equipment. Every device is bio medically tested and certified. In addition to practicing mobile anesthesia, all providers maintain current privileges at local acute care institutions to keep up with modern and safe anesthesia techniques. All providers are board certified, licensed, credentialed, insured and ACLS certified. All Quantum policies and procedures are implemented in compliance with JCHAO.
  • Providers Experienced in Office-Based Anesthesia. Quantum providers are experienced in all aspects of office-based anesthesia and recovery. We use the newest and safest techniques to provide the highest level of comfort while allowing rapid recovery from anesthesia. Providers are skilled in MAC, General or Regional anesthesia and anesthesia recovery in all ambulatory settings.
  • Higher Practice Productivity and Less Work For Office Staff. Our involvement in patient care means higher productivity for the practice and less burden on office staff. We take on all patient-related duties previously performed by staff. Our anesthesia service allows quick procedure turnover time, speedy discharge from facility and allows physician to see patients between procedures or perform other practice-related tasks.
  • Focused On Patient Satisfaction. We provide highly personalized services that dramatically enhance patient satisfaction with office-based experience. From the moment the patient walks through the doors to the moment of discharge, we address every concern the patient may have throughout the whole process. We use short-acting anesthesia medications that enhance the patient’s well being after procedure and facilitate easy return to normal daily functions. Patients are typically ready for discharge within 30 minutes of procedure completion. Patient satisfaction is further enhanced through pre-operative telephonic interviews the day before surgery, and postoperative follow-up to determine their level of satisfaction with our care. Patients also have less out of pocket expenses, and are able to benefit from efficient scheduling and less time away from family and work.
  • Flexible Scheduling. We aim to accommodate your practice and your patients all day long, 7 days a week.
  • Large Service Area. Our service area includes but is not limited to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri. We go above and beyond to accommodate practices in nearby states.
  • No commitment. We do not ask for a contract or commitment from practices we serve. Try our services and experience what we can do to enhance your patient satisfaction, deliver cost effective care, and increase your practice productivity. Our biggest satisfaction comes from being preferred anesthesia providers for all your office-based procedures.

Physician Benefits

  • Turnkey mobile anesthesia service
  • Hospital-quality anesthesia
  • No cost to your practice
  • Experienced providers
  • Avoids hospital scheduling and delays
  • Can see patients between cases
  • Less paperwork/EMR
  • Increased professional reimbursement
  • Less time involved

Patient Benefits

  • Personal attention
  • Avoids hospital process
  • Privacy and comfort
  • Fast return to normal daily activities
  • Cost effective. No deductibles
  • Ease of scheduling
  • Decreased time lost from work or family

Conveniently Serving Our Doctors and Patients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri and Indiana