“Our comfort level with Quantum’s highly skilled anesthesia providers allowed us to transition many surgical procedures from the hospital setting into our offices. As a result, the efficiency of our Oral & Maxillofacial practice has increased and our patients are extremely satisfied with the level of service and convenience. I highly recommend Quantum to any practice seeking quality anesthesia services. ”

Anthony Frer, DDS, MD
Ace Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Bringing Our Services to Your Practice

Our mobile specialists can transform your procedure room into an operating room, allowing hospital-quality anesthesia to be delivered safely, reliably and cost effectively. Our providers are skilled in all aspects of ambulatory anesthesia delivery and anesthesia recovery.

Bringing Our Services to Your Practice

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We provide comprehensive anesthesia resources to a variety of healthcare settings while specializing in mobile services for office-based practices and ambulatory centers throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Minnesota.

Exceptional training, extensive clinical experience and compassionate care are important hallmarks of our providers. At Quantum, we are committed to applying these attributes to every aspect of every case in order to deliver the highest quality anesthetic care. We value our surgeons, supporting staff and treat every patient with the utmost care, compassion and respect, as if they are our own family.