Dental Anesthesia:
The Quantum Process

What to Expect

Our comprehensive turnkey dental anesthesia services transform your dental office into a surgery suite, allowing for a variety of procedures to be safely performed at your office. Our anesthesia workstation is complete with medications, supplies and emergency equipment allowing us to provide hospital-quality anesthesia care within 15 minutes of our arrival. Once the procedure is complete, all equipment is removed, thereby returning the dental office to its original configuration.

Dental Anesthesia Process

I was overwhelmingly happy with the general anesthesia services that were provided for my patient! I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism and compassion given to the patient and our team. My surgery flowed so seamlessly and I felt great relief knowing my patient was being cared for at the highest level.

Frank A. Caputo, DDS
Cudahy Dental Associates, Wisconsin.

Our Process

  • When a patient is identified who may require office-based anesthesia services, your office should call us to schedule a surgical date and ask any questions you may have regarding our process. Our staff will then contact the patient to review medical history, explain the anesthetic procedure, provide pre- and post-anesthesia instructions, and review any applicable fees and financial policies. We will assist in arranging any additional testing or preoperative evaluation if necessary due to the patient’s medical conditions.
  • A preoperative assessment and evaluation will be completed to review the medical history status, focused physical examination, NPO status, and anesthetic plan.
  • On the day of surgery, our anesthesia providers will arrive 30-40 minutes prior to the appointment and set up the operatory with the required equipment. This typically requires a small amount of space and will have minimal impact on operating and assisting.
  • Once the patient is ready for the procedure, the provider will start an IV and begin administering medications.
  • Upon completion, the patient will be recovered by the provider and subsequently discharged when the patient demonstrates adequate recovery. Patients can be recovered in the same area or moved to a recovery area.
  • Our staff will contact the patient the following day to assure satisfaction with the anesthesia experience.

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