Medical Anesthesia:
The Quantum Process

What to Expect

Our comprehensive turnkey mobile services transform your medical office or procedure room into a surgery suite, allowing for a variety of outpatient procedures to be safely performed at your facility. Our anesthesia workstation is complete with medications, supplies and emergency equipment, allowing us to provide hospital-quality anesthesia care within 15 minutes of our arrival. Once the procedure is complete, all equipment is removed, thereby returning the medical office to its original configuration. For a more permanent solution and frequent procedures, we set up a stationary anesthesia workstation and utilize equipment and supplies already on-site.

Medical Anesthesia Process

Our gynecology practice could not be more satisfied with Quantum Anesthesia. Providers are skilled, accommodating and take great care of our patients. As a result of their high efficiency and skill level, we feel confident performing multiple types of procedures in our office. Our patients routinely comment on how comfortable their experience was. We highly recommend Quantum to any practice seeking high quality and dependable anesthesia services.

Dr. Gregory Chen, Dr. Michele Hakimian, Dr. Kate Nash
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Our Process

  • When a patient is identified who may require office-based anesthesia services, your office should call us to schedule a surgical date and ask any questions you may have regarding our process. Our staff will then contact the patient to review medical history, explain the anesthetic procedure, provide pre- and post-anesthesia instructions, and review any applicable fees and financial policies. We will assist in arranging any additional testing or preoperative evaluation if necessary due to the patient’s medical conditions.
  • A preoperative assessment and evaluation will be completed to review the medical history status, focused physical examination, NPO status, and anesthetic plan.
  • On the day of surgery, our anesthesia providers will arrive 30-40 minutes prior to the appointment and set up the operatory with the required equipment. This typically requires a small amount of space and will have minimal impact on operating and assisting.
  • Once the patient is ready for the procedure, the provider will start an IV and begin administering medications.
  • Upon completion, the patient will be recovered by the provider and subsequently discharged when the patient demonstrates adequate recovery. Patients can be recovered in the same area or moved to a recovery area.
  • Our staff will contact the patient the following day to assure satisfaction with the anesthesia experience.

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